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A Message From The Heart.

I had the honor of sharing my humble beginnings at Ascension of Our Lord High school within my home town of Malton, Mississauga. When I got the call I was thrilled and scared at the same time. I Had no idea what to say or how the students would react. In my mind, there wasn't anything spectacular that happend to me that would wow anyone and they wanted me to speak for an hour... twice! (2 part session)

So I just jotted some points on a piece of paper. Started off with how the industry is growning and changing with social media and about the online streaming platforms of the world (#netflix #amazonprime etc. ). As I was writing, I visualized the audience yawning and maybe whispering amongst themselves. Then I said to myself, let me just be real and talk from the #heart.

Being vulnerable and wearing my heart on sleeve was always a challenge for me. Always smiling and staying positive was a front. A wall to protect me from the fears and doubts of not being accepted. So as continued to jot, every note was like a chisel, chipping away at that wall. A sense of freedom and a willingness to share started to overwhelm me. The more I wrote, the better I felt and then it hit me. If this is serving for me, then this must be able to someone else.

From that day on service and gratitude have been my daily #mantras. Sheilded from fears and doubts with #service and #gratitude as my armor. I have also come to realize that sharing your personal story enhances all of us as human beings. You will always find yourself in someone else's story, hence the reason why we are all one. #onelove

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