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Back in 2004, believe it or not, I stepped on the scale and saw this 230lbs number flash at me. As if the scale was saying “Like.. Really Dude!?” Shortly thereafter my rude awakening, a friend of mine recommended that I try Boxing. He said it was great for shredding and upper body strength. A few weeks after that conversation I reluctantly joined a gym not knowing what to do and didn’t want to pay for a trainer (couldn’t afford it at the time). So I became a fly on the wall, very observant, watching routines, being friendly and asking a lot of questions. Then it came to a point where I had to stop watching and asking questions, to just jumping right in and start DOING! I went from 230lbs to 210lbs within a 6 week period accompanied with a big change in my diet.

If you have your sites aimed on a particular goal, just pull the trigger and fire! You grow every time you go. #gogetit

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