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Height: 6'2"

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Location: Toronto, ON

Michael Brown, a Canadian actor, was born in Toronto and later moved to Mississauga, where he attended Westwood S.S. during his teenage years. His journey into acting began when two television producers discovered his talent and cast him as SID in his debut television series, “Straight Up!” (1997). Inspired by Canadian actress Sarah Polly’s work on the same show, Michael developed a newfound passion for the art of acting.


Since then, he has worked alongside notable talents like Mark Wahlberg, Octavia Spencer, and Tiffany Haddish. Michael’s diverse range allows him to portray characters across the spectrum, from dramatic and serious roles to comedic and lighthearted ones. His dynamic performances resonate with audiences, showcasing his depth of emotion and dedication to his craft. Beyond acting, Michael actively advocates for the arts, collaborating with organizations to nurture new talent and inspire others. His positive impact on the Canadian entertainment industry is undeniable.


Michael Brown, a versatile actor, has left his mark in Canadian entertainment through his captivating performances and commitment to supporting emerging talent.


Credit: CDA

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