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Pack Half a Bag

This was the first vacation that I have taken in about 9 years. A few high school friends and I decided to go The Dominican Republic for seven days. It's the infamous FOMO syndrome within my industry that kept me off a plane for so many years. Yet, sure enough, when I hop on the plane, there's a knock on the door. However, what I discovered on this trip was more valuable than any pay cheque.

I have a routine everyday that keeps me sharp and it takes about 5-7 hours per day. There are days where I slide but I always make up for it. So going on this trip, along with all the bathing suits and clothing, I also packed my routine. Books, cameras, gym gear, etc. We land, and the first thing I do is scout the place for a gym and a spot do my work. Day 1, gym, reading, meditating. Day 2, wash, rinse and repeat. We would always get together for food and party a little, at least for me, because I had to stick to my regiment.

Day 4 comes around and it was around lunch time where one of the guys said “You know what Mike, maybe we should have done 5 days like you wanted. 7 days does feel long.” “What?!?” I replied. “This is the fastest vacation I have ever been on!” “I wish we stayed to 10 Days ” I continued. Then he said something that was so profound, to me at least. He said “maybe you feel it’s fast for you because you are doing the same things that you were doing at home, here…” After a long pause he continued saying “as soon as that food hits may stomach and that heat beating on my back, draining my energy.. I’m running to my bed! “

He was right. I made the mistake of packing the other half of my bag which was the mental baggage that I should have left at home to really discover myself and all my surroundings.

This lesson alone was worth its weight in gold. Taking this with me on the next one.

Safe Travels



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